Josh Bozarth | About

My father inspired me to pick up the camera for the first time, and I was hooked. It quickly became second nature to grab my camera bag every time I left the house. I spent the following 8 years on active duty and traveling throughout the United States and developed an eye for composition. I began to really see the environment instead of simply looking at it. These skills would come in handy when I changed my focus from photographing landscapes to people.

I craft portraits with skill and creativity. I have come to love harnessing the ambient light in a location by using lighting techniques, both simple and complex. This blending of ambient light and added strobe/ flash lighting allows me to craft any image I wish. I love the challenge that an on-location session brings, with the balancing of strobe lights and the ever-changing natural light, but it is the polished look that comes from those sessions that make it worth it.  When in the studio, I am still getting the polished look that I require of myself, but I can be more hands on when crafting my images. I have handmade backdrops, props and accessories, used in my studio sessions.

All the lighting and handmade props would be for nothing if I wasn’t able to connect with the person on the other side of the camera. The making of a great portrait, begins when my clients feel comfortable and relaxed. I know that with a common thread we have something to talk and laugh about during the shoot. With the client relaxed and not worrying about a camera in front of them, their true self begins to shine through.  Now the final image is fully crafted.